Mamami’s What my salary brings me asks Australians to save a week in their financial life. Kind of like a sex diary but with money. So not like a sex diary at all. In this series, we find out what women really spend their hard-earned money on, and nothing is too outrageous or too sacred. This week, a 38-year-old social worker shares her daily financial diary.

Age: 38.

Job: Social worker (full time, middle management role, federal agency). My husband is in a management position in business development (full time, energy sector).

Salary: $118,500. My husband earns $200,000 (including commission).

Lodging: New construction; four-bedroom house in central Brisbane, bought for $1.1 million two and a half years ago.

Dependents : Two children attending the local primary school, two four-month-old mini dachshund puppies and a three-year-old cat.

Monthly expenses:

Mortgage: $7,000 in the compensation account.

Home Insurance : $527.

Health insurance: $486.00 for the whole family. The greatest use is the use of local physiotherapy, massage and annual glasses prescriptions.

Income protection: $210 (combined) and additional critical illness coverage: $150 (combined).

Call: $220 (combined).

The Internet: $65.

Auto: $890.

Gym: $90 (combined).

Diffusion: Netflix, Stan, Binge, Amazon Prime, Apple – around $70 per month.

After-payment: $220.

Pets: $20 for food, plus additional charges for heartworm, tick/flea treatments, and pet insurance.

Children’s activities:

Chess: $300 per term (both children).

Auskik/AFL: $41 (both children).

Martial Arts: $256 (both children)

Donations: $80.

Monthly prescriptions: $70.

Credit card: We place all family payments on the shared credit card and refund so we can earn extras like rewards points, frequent flyers, etc. Credit limit is $8,000, current amount owed is approximately $4,000.


Assets: The home was recently appraised at around $1.35 million. We recently bought a new car ($36,000) and paid cash.

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