They have already passed four months since Lionel Messi left to be a player for FC Barcelona and filed by Paris Saint-Germain. The Argentine star is not only the most important footballer in the history of the Barcelona club, but it always follows generating income for the arches of the entity; a great favorable factor due to the sport and economic crisis in which they are nowadays submerged.

In fact, in the official store of Barcelona can buy objects from the stadium of the historic ’10’ of his stadium as a player of the Barcelona club. This, yes, its prices are considerably high and they do not have at all what to do with the balances that offer other clubs with coins and objects of their exfutbolistas.

Messi’s products that he still sells the Barcelona in his official store range from a captain’s bracelet to T-shirts signed by the Argentine star himself. Likewise, a rubber band from last season with the autograph of the seven-time Ballon d’Or winners at a price of 1,170 euros.

Said T-shirt is the most esteemed object of Leo Messi offered by Barça’s web. For his part, the captain’s bracelet signed by the Argentinian sells for 643.50 euros. Authentic jewelry to collect for any fan of the Barcelona club and the own footballer, who lived his golden age defending the casaca culé.

Its image, an identity

It should be noted that the official Barcelona store also follows using the image of Messi Jointly with that of other legends culés, such is the case of a T-shirt of the season 2013-14 signed by the Argentine star, Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta. In this case, the price of the coin pushes up to 2,950 euros.

Barely will erect in Barcelona a number equal to that of Lionel Messi, the public and the own club know it well. It is therefore that within the entity has decided to continue to highlight its heritage in addition to taking advantage of its glorious scene to obtain economic benefits, importantísimos at the present time.

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