As an Observer to the Finance in Common Executive Committee and Head of the United Nations Group on Aligning Public and Private Finances with the SDGs, UNDP produced this working document, “Supporting Public Development Banks in their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Funding Commitments and the Paris Agreement”, for the second Finance in Common summit from October 19-20, 2021. The high-level global summit brings together more than 450 public development banks with a total of more than $ 11.2 trillion in assets. They represent more than $ 2 trillion in investment per year, or 10% of annual public and private investment globally, and play a critical role in financing the SDGs to enable countries to deliver on the promise of the Accord. Paris.

This discussion paper provides an overview of key UNDP tools, standards and initiatives that support the commitments of the Joint Financing Declaration. As such, it aims to:

  • share how UNDP contributes to pooled financing action areas alongside public development banks and relevant partners and
  • present how UNDP can help public development banks to implement their commitments, by providing information on the main tools, initiatives and support available in countries.

The document responds to the needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, its socio-economic impact and the climate emergency that threatens lives and livelihoods, creating a wide divergence of inequalities as poverty, unemployment , hunger and debt around the world continue to worsen. to augment. The solutions proposed by the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement Agenda are inextricably linked. Their roadmaps present urgent investment needs to help developing countries return to a greener and more inclusive development trajectory.

The document was also developed in support of the United Nations (UN) recommendations at the first edition of the Finance in Common (FiCS) Summit in 2020, where the UN expressed support for the coalition and encouraged banks development authorities to increase and implement their commitments. for the SDGs and climate impact, and as observers of the Common Finance Summit, support the commitments aligned with the Secretary-General’s roadmap for financing the 2030 Agenda.