Today in the food business, Girl Scouts are partnering with DoorDash for on-demand cookie deliveries, and Just Eat Takeaway is leveraging its size to outlast its competition. Additionally, food delivery services in the United States are struggling to become super apps.

Square adds on-demand delivery to Canada

Square launched Square Online order delivery in Canada through DoorDash Drive, DoorDash’s white-label order fulfillment platform, making Canada the first international market to offer on-demand delivery after launching the service to States United in 2020, according to a Wednesday (Jan 12) press release.

Food delivery services in the US struggle for super app status

Food delivery services have the potential to quickly become essential. Yet while some apps around the world have managed to transform this relationship into other categories – becoming super apps that meet the bulk of consumers’ digital needs – none in the United States have been able to keep up. their traces.

Just Eat Takeaway aims to leave “no more oxygen” to competitors around the world

All over the world, in the competitive food delivery category, the winning condition is changing. While in 2020 and 2021, the goal was to capture the largest market share, now the stakes are increasing. On a call with analysts on Wednesday, Jan.12 to discuss its fourth quarter 2021 financial results, delivery giant Just Eat Takeaway said its goal now was to outperform its competition to the point of pulling out altogether.

For on-demand cookie delivery, Girl Scouts ditch Grubhub for DoorDash

With the door-to-door model proving questionable at best amid widespread contagion issues, the Girl Scouts are once again taking a hybrid approach to selling cookies, this time with a new digital ordering partner.



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