The difference between mayoral candidates Sharetta Smith and Elizabeth Hardesty is striking.

Smith has a plethora of out-of-the-box careers. His legal training gives him an in-depth knowledge of public and judicial policies. She is a judge in the court and second commander of the city of Lima. Smith’s list of neighbor involvement and community relations is exemplary. The needs of our people are clearly their priority. She has long been involved in neighborhoods, citizenships, political and economic entities, unions, businesses, police and firefighters in Lima, landlords and housing issues. She wants to create opportunities across ethnicities, races and genders, depending on Lima’s diversity.

Hardesty promoted his experience in the oil and gas industry, but did not provide any actual jobs, job titles or accomplishments. She also did not say how this related to the functioning of the municipality in her career. She criticized Lima’s image and its ability to attract young professionals, businesses and residents. On the other hand, Sharetta’s outlook for Lima was positive, well-planned and determined.

Regarding housing, Sharetta expressed her deep concern to all citizens facing housing issues and shared that owners and residents have programs and incentives going on. But, strangely enough, Hardesti said Shawnee Township has enough low-income housing. Smith argued that home deficits and losses were not just a low income problem. Sharetta explained that, especially recently, everyone, including middle and upper income people, is experiencing housing problems.

There were many other issues voters should consider. I believe Lima’s resilient fighting spirit will bring a bright and productive future with Sheatta Smith as the next mayor.

Regina Freeman


Letter: Smith is “ready for work”

Smith is “ready to work” – Lima News

Source link Smith is “ready to work” – Lima News

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