Sarvodaya Development Finance (SDF) won the Merit Award in the Banking and Financial Sector category at the 2022 Awards, organized by the LK Domain registry. The 12th Awards Ceremony showcased leading brands and companies in Sri Lanka with innovative websites. Significantly, the Sarvodaya Development Finance website clashed with those of many leading banks and financial firms in the country, and still managed to earn this recognition in the category.

A spokesperson for Sarvodaya Development Finance PLC’s IT team said: “We are incredibly aware of the changes taking place in the world today, and one of the most significant of these is the advent of digital finance and technology. In this modern environment, our website is akin to a flagship branch of cyberspace, and our research shows our customers’ overwhelming preference for access through digital channels. Accordingly, we have invested heavily in ensuring that our website is user-friendly and provides an interesting, engaging and exciting user journey. Therefore, it is a great pride, privilege and honor to have been selected to receive the Award of Merit in the Banking and Finance category at the Awards 2022. We thank the organizers and we thank our customers, including feedback helped us achieve this. hug.”

The SDF website was designed by a creative team, supported by UI/UX professionals, to encompass an attractive and user-friendly interface, convenient translation, on-the-fly resizable fonts to improve accessibility, and a range of handy tools including a loan calculator and dial option for quick and easy reference and assistance access. Careful attention has also been paid to site navigation to make it intuitive and simple for clients to navigate through SDF’s portfolio of financial products and services, investor information and other details.