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The launch of the UK’s first Islamic finance-compliant peer-to-peer investment platform is expected to bring new investment and real estate finance opportunities to communities, which have historically lacked available financial products. Nester aims to do so in a transparent, competitive and timely manner.

Nester offers two main offerings, an investment product aimed at providing favorable returns to investors and a real estate finance solution for real estate buyers seeking financing for development projects, commercial rentals and gateways at competitive rates. .

The traditional banking model of fractional reserve banking has not changed significantly in some 150 years. Challenger banks have entered the market to start introducing technology, improving the customer experience with transparency and speed, but innovation is still needed and Nester aims to go further in ways that are inclusive for all communities. Investors and savers have historically relied on depositing funds with a bank as a simple option for obtaining a return on their investment, although not at all.

Nester believes that giving his client community knowledge of his investment products will enable investors to view his guaranteed fixed income investments in UK real estate as a viable alternative to improving returns on the market. customer savings. For some, this is the only option available where investment products do not exist and those communities, which have been financially excluded, will benefit from the Nester solution.

The Nester solution facilitates financing and real estate investment in a transparent, ethical and fair manner. Additionally, the move towards a more technologically educated population and a wider offering of new tech startups has seen peer to peer and other emerging sectors offer new opportunities for investors. Nester adds to this with a product accessible to all.

Who is Nester?

Nester presents an innovative, ethical and digital alternative to traditional banking services. The new technology platform offers competitive and straightforward financing to borrowers, while providing an opportunity for investors who wish to support individual development or investment projects. Investors will have the opportunity to have reliable and significant returns, guaranteed by a first charge on the real estate asset itself.

Nester has completed a significant pre-series A capital increase from several reputable investors to support an innovative investing / borrowing approach via a bespoke software platform developed by the Nester team over the past three years.

Founded on a culture of ethics, trust and transparency, Nester is the democratization of real estate financing for the benefit of all real estate investors in search of financing, and not just the ultra-rich. The Islamic finance-compliant peer-to-peer platform gives borrowers direct access to bridging, renovation and real estate development finance options.

How do they work?

Investors provide capital investments to borrowers by investing directly in the financings, while their investment is secured against the underlying real estate asset (s). Transactions originate from Nester who in turn carefully selects and underwrites each transaction before offering the opportunity to investors. Nester is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and ensures full transparency and compliance with full risk mitigation to protect its clients.

Nester has approved more than £ 4million in loans which will soon be available to investors on the Nester platform. A number of additional transactions are underway in the UK which are expected to generate returns in excess of 6.0% per annum.

Who is behind Nester?

Nester’s co-founder and CEO heads the day-to-day business of Nester:

Youness Abidou – Accountant by training and formerly Senior Relationship Manager at Bank ABC, VP of Real Estate Structured Finance at Gatehouse Bank PLC and specialist in Islamic finance.

“Nester takes a quite different approach and aims to offer investors favorable monthly returns while facilitating access to finance for SME borrowers, all in relation to clients who were previously excluded from financial products. It is a simple and efficient process led by a platform using our own technology driven by a credit risk scoring algorithm, with rigorous due diligence performed by experts and all secured on the real estate assets themselves. same.

“We have assembled a star chamber of talent and investment to support the Nester business, all from the highest levels of global finance, which is a testament to the strength of our product and our team. I am honored to be part of such a collective of highly respected and like-minded professionals as we strive to challenge and democratize real estate finance and the Islamic finance industry.

And the key figures who support the Nester activity:

Mohammed paracha – Co-founder

Senior lawyer and specialist in Islamic finance at Norton Rose Fulbright where he is responsible for the Middle East. Former member of the Bank of England Committee on Islamic Finance, Head of the Dubai Islamic Economic Development Center and CEO and Head of Europe of Al Salam Europe Ltd, the European branch of Al Salam Bank in Bahrain.

“One of the reasons I co-founded Nester with Youness is to reset our default thinking when it comes to our daily investment needs. We are pre-programmed from an early age to use banks in a certain way, including all of our investments. ‘

“One of the main drivers for me is to address financial inclusion which is also at the heart of Islamic finance, advocating for a more equitable way of distributing wealth compared to the traditional fractional-reserve banking model which is still used by banks. Nester offers a real alternative for borrowers and investors and we hope our journey together will be informative. “

Iqbal Khan –Investor via his Family Office; Baraka Khan family office.

Founding Chairman and CEO of HSBC Amanah & Fajr Capital; member of the board of directors of Jadwa Investments Saudi Arabia; and the MENA Infrastructure Fund.

“I have had the privilege of contributing to the success of the Islamic finance industry in many countries and this, my investment in Nester, is exciting in that it is the first fintech platform of this type that guarantees an ethical structure that offers innovative financing and investment – a solution to a sector that has long needed innovation, ”says Iqbal Khan.

Tariq Usmani MBE – Key investor

CEO and co-founder of Henley Homes, the residential developer. Chairman of the West London Islamic Center and the Mosaic Ex-Offender Program.

“This is the beginning of the democratization of real estate investment, whether we acquire real estate and need financing or whether we are interested in a fixed return with real estate as collateral. Nester is innovative and focused on inclusion for all. With this philosophy at the heart of its offering, I am delighted to be a director and a key investor in this company ”, says Tariq Usmani MBE, a key investor


Notes to Editors

  • Launched in 2021, is a suitable and compliant peer-to-peer framework platform for Islamic finance for investors and borrowers.

  • Nester CEO is Youness Abidou, a veteran of Islamic banking, accounting and finance

  • Nester is backed by some of the world’s best known and respected leading financiers and Islamic finance specialists.

  • Borrowers looking for real estate transition, development and renovation financing can apply directly through the platform. Investors provide funds through the platform to Nester, secured by real estate assets.

  • Nester invests in secure real estate assets, focused on high quality commercial and residential sectors, with a focus on the UK market.

  • Nester’s vision embraces a new, highly competitive approach that aims to serve the entire community and is driven by principles of ethics, transparency and compliance.

  • Nester is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

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