Perhaps the character with the most wasted potential in “The Big Bang Theory” was Stuart Bloom (Kevin Sussman), the owner of the comic book store frequented by the main gang. When Stuart first appears in the show’s second season, he’s portrayed as this incredibly rare thing: Stuart is a nerd who’s actually socially competent.

In his very first appearance in “The Hofstadter Isotope” (Season 2, Episode 20), Stuart is introduced as a small business owner and talented artist, who draws a deft sketch of Penny and successfully asks her out on a date. . Basically, Stuart is presented as a better version of Leonard without the insecurities and confidently wearing his “nerd” status on his sleeve. After Howard’s marriage, Raj began associating with Stuart more often, and it was then that the latter character began to degrade.

He’s been as scared of approaching women as Raj, lost his business, developed a bunch of health issues, and been hurt by the fact that he’s rarely treated like a member of the main group of friends. From being a charming go-getter, Stuart became another version of the needy and desperate Raj, but with even less success in life. And, just like Raj, the character’s downward spiral is played for laughs on the show.