Pedestrian injured in corn truck accident

The California Highway Patrol reported that a pedestrian was injured in a crash involving a corn truck in Brentwood on the morning of Tuesday, July 19, 2022. The truck crash happened around 8:10 a.m. on State Route 4 and Walnut Boulevard, authorities said.

Details of the corn truck accident that injured a pedestrian

Authorities said a 59-year-old man was walking in the area when he was allegedly hit by a corn truck. Fire crews and first responders were called to the scene to provide assistance. CHP traffic officers reported that the SR-4 at Walnut Boulevard was stopped for a medical helicopter to land in a field.

Authorities say the driver of the corn truck took off following the pedestrian crash in Brentwood. It was unclear whether the driver would face charges in relation to the incident. Additional information, including what led to the truck crash and the severity of reported injuries, was not immediately available.

Things to know about pedestrian accident cases

A pedestrian accident can result in serious injury to those involved, especially when a large truck is involved. This can include traumatic brain injury, broken bones, spinal cord injury, amputations, internal trauma, etc. When the accident is the result of a negligent driver or entity, they can be held responsible for the resulting losses. An injured party can accomplish this by filing a personal injury claim against them and their insurer. Some of the damages that may be sought in these cases include pain and suffering, loss of income, decreased quality of life, and medical expenses.

Although we would all like to think that the insurance company is there to make the recovery process easier for us after a life-altering accident, the reality is that dealing with them can be almost as stressful and overwhelming as the incident itself. same. Insurers are on a mission to maximize profit margins, which often requires devaluing or denying claims. This can put injured pedestrians like you in a vulnerable position, especially when they have to deal with mounting medical bills and missed work recovering from crash-related injuries.

Have a lawyer by your side to protect your rights and best interests. For the best possible results, it is recommended that you immediately discuss a personal injury case in detail with a knowledgeable Brentwood truck accident attorney. A lawyer with the experience, knowledge, and resources to handle a farm truck accident case will work toward a successful resolution on your behalf. There are strict filing deadlines that apply to these cases, so don’t delay in contacting a lawyer. For suggestions on how to find the best personal injury attorney to handle your claim, watch the video below.

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