WASHINGTON, September 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Enabled September 9, 2021, a proposed class action lawsuit against United States of America by Army Reservists (RC) who were illegally denied Basic Housing Allowance (BAH), Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA), suffered wage garnishments and made subject to criminal investigations. Gulley, et al. v. united states of americaFederal Claims Court Case No. 21-1825C describes how the military’s denial of housing has likely placed thousands of its troops in dire financial straits during the times they were activated to support the defense of the nation. In 2016, the military arbitrarily and without notice changed its interpretation of the Joint Travel Settlement (JTR), the rule governing the rights in dispute. The revised interpretation blatantly ignored plain language to justify the military withholding housing rights for RC members while deployed. Worse yet, the interpretation was applied retroactively, suddenly putting thousands of soldiers in debt, some facing debts of up to $ 200,000.

This battle against the military began almost three years ago, when seven soldiers filed a complaint in Wolfing, et al. v. united states of america, Federal Claims Court, Case No. 18-523C. After three years of weaving through the justice system, the military has had the opportunity to “do the right thing” administratively. Through its highest administrative arm, the Army Board of Corrections for Military Records (ABCMR), the military has officially acknowledged that its finance office’s misreading of the JTR has improperly withheld hundreds of thousands of dollars. to the complainants named in Wolf for lost housing allowances, causing unwarranted garnishments of soldiers’ salaries and inappropriate criminal investigations.