The icy relationship between Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga and his deputy Caroline Karugu escalated after she sued the county chief for withholding his salary since November 2019.

In her request dated September 2, the CEO claims that she has not received her salary in the amount of Sh 685,250 per month since 2019, or around Sh 15 million.

Ms Karugu claims she has been barred from using her office since November 2019 and was therefore forced to use her own resources to power her official county government vehicle.

“I’ve kept to the point that I can’t do it anymore,” she said in the petition.

She also claims to have been denied a periodic telephone allowance and an entertainment allowance, which were last paid in November 2018 and that she spends 15,000 shillings per month out of pocket to procure security services. personal, but she is entitled to bodyguards under her office.

She adds that she is no longer invited to cabinet meetings and no longer receives her housing allowance since November 2019.

Justice Nduma Nderi sitting in Nairobi certified the request as urgent and asked Karugu to serve as Governor Kahiga and County Secretary Ben Gachichio. Judge Nderi also ordered that the case be mentioned on November 16.

Karugu said the two interviewees violated the constitution and discriminated against her solely on the basis of her gender and social background. She accuses Gachichio and Kahiga of stripping her of all her support staff in the deputy governor’s office in order to cripple her politically, strip her of her dignity and socially ridicule her.

But in response to its letter of formal notice, the Gachichio said: “Your prolonged absence from your post presumably due to other appointments has prompted consistent public complaints against the executive over the inability of citizens to meet with you in your office for a public matter of general public importance, “he noted.

He said Karugu’s staff had become inactive and underutilized, but the county’s payroll was a big problem, unlike the constant need for more staff in other managerial roles.

“These agents are subject to performance measures in line with those of the county civil service general council. My office has no record of performance targets, evaluation reports from your personal assistant, ”the letter said.