The wealthiest county in Nevada is not what you think it is.

When you think of the wealthiest parts of Nevada, images of the money flowing down the famous Las Vegas Strip are often thought of.

But the richest county in Nevada is not Clark County. In fact, the wealthiest county isn’t even close to Clark County at all!

A recent study by Stacker compiled Nevada counties and quantified data that ranked counties from highest to lowest median household income. Now let’s put a disclaimer on the fact that this study did not use “revenue generated by county”. This study instead ranked each county by median household income.

Using data from the United States Census Bureau, the study shows economic disparities among Nevada counties. Many counties differ greatly in terms of population, topography, labor market, etc. There are 17 counties in Nevada that have unique histories, stories, and economies. The lush geological mines located throughout the state attracted thousands of people to settle here during the gold and silver rushes. Along with the mining industry that still complements many, the glittering Las Vegas Strip economically sustains Clark County through its hospitality and tourism industry.

No matter where you go in Nevada, the economy is constantly moving and changing in the counties.

The Covid-19 pandemic also changed much of the state’s economic trajectory as it relates to certain counties in Nevada. Things like incomes, poverty levels, consumption habits, and employment opportunities have changed drastically in the silver state due to the pandemic.

Nevada’s economy is rooted in mining, tourism, gambling, and cattle ranching, which are fairly elastic industries that flex and rise with the peaks and troughs of the business cycle. This was made certain during the pandemic, when many industries in Nevada were forced to shut down for weeks.

However, things are building and getting back to their pre-pandemic levels of activity, according to an AARP report.

Nevada is diverse and colorful when it comes to its economic activity. However, the wealthiest county is not what most people think. Scroll down to see the ten richest counties in Nevada.

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