MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. (KFVS) – County leaders are moving forward with modernization of Southwest One Industrial Park.

The upgrades will include a dense level extension of Southwest One Boulevard, the addition of an aluminum culvert in front of Gain Branch and the construction of a 120,000 square foot expandable site ready for construction.

“This award will allow Marshall County IDA to position itself much better in the industry recruiting arena and secure businesses that will pay good salaries and benefits for our regional workforce,” said Dennis Smith, chairman of the Marshall County Industrial Development Authority. “This project award will move the Southwest One Industrial Park at least six months in advance and be a major draw for industries considering site selection in Western Kentucky.”

The location was selected for funding under the Product Development Initiative in 2020.

PDI was created through a partnership between the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development and the Kentucky Association for Economic Development.

In September, the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority approved a grant agreement with the Marshall County Industrial Development Authority under the Economic Development Fund program. The grant agreement can provide up to $ 285,241 in funding on a payback basis based on the project investment of $ 570,482.

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