A very futuristic and important facility in Holyoke about to get even more futuristic and important.

A $5 million expansion of the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center will expand its data center and further improve the quality of its operations. The Bigelow Street facility will add thousands of new computer servers, thanks to the expansion announced by the research universities that built and opened the $165 million center in 2012.

Computing power is vital for modern scientific work. Harvard University already completed a $1.6 million expansion of the center’s computing power in 2016.

The Holyoke Center supports computer science research at Boston University, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, and University of Massachusetts Amherst. It’s a starred list of five of the most research-intensive institutions on the East Coast.

The center has been paying dividends since its inception, when the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency provided a $14.5 million New Markets Tax Credit to what was the city’s first high-performance computing center. New England. The funding helped fund the center’s acquisition, construction, and ongoing funding, and supported many other aspects of its launch.

Even before this latest expansion, the Holyoke facility was one of the largest college computing centers on the East Coast. It can move a trillion bits of data in and out of the building every second.

Much of the work has already been done. The designers had wisely thought of expansion when building the center.

The expansion speaks to the need to keep abreast of modern needs, especially in a facility such as this, which makes a large number of scientific research projects possible.

The center hosts millions of virtual experiments each month, supporting tens of thousands of researchers worldwide. It is powered almost entirely by non-fossil, clean energy sources.

A diligent force of 20 employees operates the Holyoke base and more than 100 technicians work remotely to maintain it.

The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center is a Western Massachusetts treasure whose value and relevance should not be overlooked. The latest expansion will secure its place as a leader in its field on the East Coast and around the world for years to come.