Ray and fellow defendant Andrew Anglin encouraged Daily Stormer readers to bring as many people as possible to the rally, Hoppe wrote, saying there was “a growing nationalist movement in America and it’s not going disappear”. The call further argued that having “thousands of nationalists to participate in this rally will put the fear of God in the hearts and minds of our enemies.”

Additionally, Hoppe wrote that two articles posted on the Daily Stormer website asked subscribers to bring tiki torches, pepper spray, flag poles, flags and shields. Using the Daily Stormer website, Ray helped organize the torch rally on UVa Grounds and asked attendees to bring the now infamous tiki torches.

Although it was apparently a “secret gathering,” word spread and around 30 counter-protesters showed up on UVa grounds, Hoppe wrote, and were attacked by the police. torchlight gatherings, including Ray.

Ray shouted, “The heat in here is nothing compared to what you’re going to have in the ovens!” “” Hoppe wrote, citing evidence. “He later proclaimed that the marchers’ were passing by [the counter-protestors] like shit through a goose!

Ray, now on the run, could not be reached for comment.

In June 2018, an Albemarle County grand jury indicted Ray with one count of mischievously releasing gas during the August 11 torchlight rally. Ray is still listed as a fugitive in the publicly available Virginia court records.