Jatiya Party (JaPa) Chairman GM Quader believes that the symptoms that led Sri Lanka to bankruptcy have already manifested themselves in Bangladesh. As in Sri Lanka, the liaison of three communities – politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats – has already begun to embezzle money through looting. In order to save the country from this ungodly triangle, the electoral system must be fair.

Deputy Speaker of the National Parliament Quader believes that the current government will try to retain power anyway as it did in 2014 and 2018. For this reason, the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) can be a peaceful means . But due to the appalling human rights situation and economic disaster in the country, it will not be easy to stage another rigged election this time around.

Quader said that ahead of the 11th legislative election in 2018, all parties participated and it was understood that an acceptable election was going to take place. But things didn’t turn out that way. The elections that took place after the 11th legislative elections, upazilla, pourashava, union parishad, by-elections practically destroyed the entire electoral system. People no longer believe in elections.

When asked, under the circumstances, if JaPa would accept Awami Leauge, Quader said now was not the time for a concrete answer on the matter. JaPa will make its decision by observing future policy. As a power actor, JaPa will make people-friendly decisions in the future.

The President of JaPa had a frank discussion about many other things. His interview was taken by Prothom Ao’s special correspondent, Selim Zahid.

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