The four main advantages of the DO network are decentralized and durable, diverse, and dual-protocol scalability.

Network of Decentralized Organizations (DO)

The four main advantages of the DO network are decentralized and durable, diverse, and dual-protocol scalability.

New York, NY, April 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Decentralized Organization Network is a public blockchain system with brilliant decentralized performance. Based on the wave protocol, it can complete the chain consensus quickly and efficiently execute the transaction of DAO, designed uniquely economical to promote sustainable development related to DAO. It will be released soon in April.

Highly decentralized transaction processing logic creates sustainable scalability for DAO transactions. 499 active nodes selected by equity clients randomly handle various transactions. Process thousands of transactions per second and sustainably scale transaction capacities as node performance improves.

Moreover, it adopts DAG structure to create random and block-ordered growth patterns, and the TPS performance remains stable. Improve the sustainable development of DAO dynamic ecology. The node communication does not adopt stepping transmission or fully connected peer-to-peer direct reach, which creates a high-efficiency network.

Using wave consensus to select the best data state node to establish the wave and promote the whole network consensus through controllable runtime. The wave protocol of DO Network is a special consensus algorithm in which the local consensus pushes the whole network to reach an agreement as if the wave covers the sea after promoting it, so we call it the wave consensus protocol. The aim of the wave is for the consensus process to be secure, simple and highly efficient, designed to improve the performance of the entire network. In terms of the DO network algorithm, it adopted a random function approaching the fair. The generated random numbers combine with the timeline to form a smooth and unpredictable trajectory. DO Network will randomly select N samples from legitimate validating nodes across the entire network, and only after N samples reach agreement can the wave cover the entire network. All legitimate verifiers with the best state of the data under the latest timestamp confirm the content of the consensus and complete the entire network consensus during the coverage process which completes in one second.

Advantages of the DO network

The four main advantages of the DO network are decentralized and durable, diverse, and dual-protocol scalability. Highly decentralized transaction processing logic, 499 active nodes selected by equity clients randomly process various transactions. Create durable scalability for DAO transactions that processes thousands of transactions per second and increase durable transaction capacities as node performance improves. Diversified open-mode DAO protocol to establish a set of open-mode DAO protocol tools to meet the diversified requirements of organizations. The WASM + EVM dual-protocol system, which is a more widely user-friendly smart contract system, establishes a DAO diverse algorithm.

The excellent performance of the DO network and the business model better support the development of DAO. As the development of DAO logical governance chain, the second efficiency helps DAO execution, easier for enterprises and organizations to call, open mode to obtain DAO funds.

In terms of reward mechanisms, the developers offer diverse DAO protocols, and once used, you will receive stable and long-term rewards. For economic models, the DO network designs a contract economy model from the underlying architecture which is easier for DAO development.

What can you do in the DO network?

Decentralized Organization Network is an excellent decentralized performance blockchain system. Based on the Waves protocol, it can quickly achieve on-chain consensus, perform DAO transactions efficiently, and design a unique business model to improve the sustainable development of DAO-related applications.

You can run a node or do governance in the DO network. Consisting of 499 independent physical nodes, the nodes of the DO network are not limited to entering the network in chronological order. Customers will select all triggered nodes in the network in chronological order and stake ranking when they reach 499 full nodes. Also, you can participate in DAO transactions in the DO ecosystem and promote DAO development together. Moreover, you can be a developer to write your unique ideas in code, you will get more rewards once it has more users. Moreover, you can certainly more easily select the node you trust to get more rewards as a customer. Please check more details on the official DO Network website.

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