The Ministry of Budget and Management (DBM) said on Thursday that there remained funds available that could be tapped to cover the release of approximately 27 billion pesos requested by the Ministry of Health (DOH) for the allocation. health worker COVID-19 response plan.

In a statement, DBM said it received, on November 8, DOH’s request for the release of P27,058,901,368.80 to cover the payment of Health Emergency Allowance (HEA) claims/a COVID allowance. -19 (OCA) defaults of 2,106,908 eligible public and private healthcare workers (TS) and non-care workers covering the period July 2021 to December 2022.

The DOH on Tuesday said it had asked the DBM to release 27 billion pesos for the HEA/OCA.

The budget department said the HEA/OCA program falls under unscheduled appropriations and it will first need to check with the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) if the government has excess revenue to cover the demand.

“In light of this, allow us to note that upon verification of the status of fund releases at DOH as of October 30, 2022, there remains an uncommitted amount of P113,925,437,435.39, including P40.273 billion released for COVID-19 vaccines which is not expected to be pursued this year,” the DBM said.

“This allocation may be used for other similar priority projects, such as OCA/HEA, which may be committed during the fiscal year, subject to BTr certification for any excess collection and/or new revenue from tax and non-tax revenue. sources,” he said.

With this, the DBM asks the DOH to submit the following additional documents “to allow us to fully assess the request in question”:

  • Attestation that eligible public and private health care worker and non-health care worker applications for OCA/HEA have been verified and that DOH assumes full responsibility for the truth and accuracy of the statements listed and for the authenticity of the supporting documents,
  • Summary of total financing needs by region,
  • List of eligible public and private health workers and non-health workers for OCA/HEA, and
  • Revised Monthly Disbursement Schedule – BED No. 3 (Personnel Services, not subject to withholding tax).

“The DBM is confident that the required documents will be provided to allow us to proceed with the processing of the release of the said request for additional funds. We are one with the DOH in seeking to properly compensate our hard-working healthcare workers and help them receive the benefits to which they are entitled,” the DBM said.

The Budget Ministry said it recognizes the selflessness, dedication and sacrifice of healthcare workers serving our countrymen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So we’re working hard to make sure they get the allowances and benefits they deserve,” he said.

The DBM said Budget Secretary Amenah Pangandaman in October approved the release of 1.04 billion pesos to the DOH to cover the Special Risk Allowance (SRA) claims of 55,211 health care workers.

“In addition to this, the DBM has released a total of P19,478,277,773.00 to the DOH to cover the payment of HEA/OCA claims for eligible non-HCW public and private healthcare workers through June 30, 2022 “, did he declare.—AOL, GMA Integrated News