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In our “POPSUGAR Crush” Q&A series, we get to know some of the most intimate details of our favorite celebrities – from their first celebrity crush to the best love advice they’ve ever received. This month, we’re falling for ‘The Summer I Got Pretty’ star, Christopher Briney.

Christopher Briney knows you sometimes hate Conrad when you watch “The Summer I Got Pretty”. He can tell.

“When I first read the book and when the script started coming in, I was like, ‘This guy kinda sucks,'” he told POPSUGAR. Conrad is one of the lovers chasing the heart of Belly (Lola Tung) in the new Amazon Prime Video series, based on Jenny Han’s novel series. Conrad is the eldest son of Belly’s mother’s best friend, and Belly has had a crush on him for what seems like his entire life. But early in the series, Conrad can be reserved and distant from everyone around him.

“He’s really rude and he doesn’t tell people how he feels, and that’s why he gets all this trouble,” Briney explains. But as the actor explored the character, his own feelings towards Conrad changed and he realized he was more than the classic bad boy archetype. “He’s just young and…just trying to stick together for the people he loves,” he says. “Yeah, he owes some people in the world an apology, but he’s 17. He can make mistakes. He’s going to keep making mistakes, and he’s just hurt.”

Briney was actually in Liverpool filming the first project he ever booked, the upcoming ‘Dalíland’, during the audition process for ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’. He did all his chemistry readings with Tung on Zoom. The day the painting read for the film was the day he found out he had been cast as Conrad. “It was one of the best days I’ve been blessed with,” he says.

Just a few years ago, Briney was a college student in New York, studying hard and working in utilities to pay the bills. He worked at Trader Joe’s on the Lower East Side. “I try to go out to dinner once in a while, during my studies,” he jokes about his time in the service industry. “It is not easy.”

“I’m Team Conrad. I have to be. It’s in my contract.”

Before the series went into production, most of the main cast arrived in North Carolina, where they filmed, a few weeks early to start forging bonds. “It was such a blessing to be able to make these real friendships and have time, because they gave us time to get to know each other, spend time with each other and go to the beach. and having issues with each other,” Briney says. “From day one [of shooting]it was as if we had known each other for years. For Briney, this bonding time was key to forging his relationship with Gavin Casalegno, who plays his brother, Jeremiah; with Sean Kauffman, who plays Belly’s brother, Steven; and with Tung.

One of Briney’s favorite days on set was when the cast filmed the volleyball tournament. He was new to volleyball. “They gave us classes every weekend before this episode was filmed, but I had never played outside of gym class, but you don’t really know what you’re doing in gym class,” jokes he. “It’s really difficult.”

“The job was just to be better than the other teams,” he says. “They all let us be better than them. So we felt like we were really good at volleyball for a good five hours.” He says Kauffman turned out to be the best volleyball player in the group.

All seven episodes of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” are now streaming on Prime Video. Check out the rest of Briney’s “POPSUGAR Crush” interview ahead.

Conrad and Belly on the beach

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Team Conrad, Jeremiah or Cam?

I’m Team Conrad. I must be. It’s in my contract. No, but I have a thing for Cam and maybe that’s just because I like David [Iacono] so much, but I think he’s so nice, and even though it seems like he’s not the right one for Belly, he’s so nice and deserves a good life.

Preferred pickup line:

“Hey how are you?” Does it count?

Favorite flirtatious emoji:

I like both eyes, like side eyes. 👀 I often send this to Sean.

Signature fragrance (go-to cologne/perfume):

I just wear deodorant, and it seems to do me good.

Preferred form of self-care:

Therapy, of course.

Dogs or cats?

I grew up with cats and a dog, and it’s hard to choose. It’s nice to have a dog that wants to be your friend, but validating a cat that wants to be your friend is pretty important. I think I have to choose a cat, but it’s not an easy decision to make.

What is your coffee/tea order?

I’ve made a lot of oat milk cappuccinos recently, but I think overall it’s just a cup of black coffee.

Go to movie night movie?

“Before sunrise.”

Best love advice?

Just be honest with the people you care about. Just tell people how you feel, when you feel something. Share this with people.

Best trip you’ve been on?

I did this really wonderful road trip with my dad and sister after my freshman year of college. We just did a road trip. We went through Arizona to Canada, back down, through Chicago, and I’m from Connecticut. So it took us two weeks, but it was great. It was a wonderful time, and we didn’t kill each other.

Dress up or wear comfortable clothes?

It has to be comfortable clothes. It’s fun to be dressed up, but then I’m like, “I can’t spill. It’s got to be up to the owner.”

Favorite gift you’ve ever received?

I have had very generous people in my life. . . . After completing the very first project I shot. . . the production bought me a personalized Zippo lighter, like the old fashioned way because the character smoked, but he used a lot of lighters. It had the movie title engraved on the side, and I still have it in my apartment.