MINNEAPOLIS, July 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CarVal Investors, a leading global alternative investment manager, today announced the launch of the CarVal Clean CLO platform. The CLOs managed by the platform will use new ESG risk assessment technology to pursue a high performing and optimized ESG portfolio that will be driven by proprietary technology developed by CarVal Investors and Insig AI, a data science and research solutions company. machine learning. This technology is the first of its kind in fixed income and will cover both private and public issuers, creating a transparent and verifiable risk assessment that allows comparison with relevant benchmarks.

“The creation of this ESG compliant platform will expand our CLO offerings to include CLOs that will be managed using our proprietary ESG risk assessment methodology,” said Lucas detor, a Managing Director of CarVal Investors. “At CarVal, we believe that ESG risks can have a significant impact on the performance of credit investments. This new model will allow us to measure ESG risk at issuer and portfolio level in order to create a unique and attractive product for investors. this strategy aligns with our long-term goals of reducing the cost of capital for ESG-conscious companies by creating an independent, verifiable and comparable risk assessment model. “

“The CLOs have been tested through the crucible of the global recession caused by the pandemic, once again proving the potency and robustness of the product structure,” said Chris Mawn, who leads the corporate lending team at CarVal Investors. “What came out was a 1000 billion dollars global CLO market with investors seeking greater ESG integration and transparency. We are launching this new platform to address this emerging need with the mantra of doing good and doing well without sacrificing returns. “

CarVal’s ESG risk assessment model measures each asset on six themes:

  1. Climate change, including carbon emissions and carbon footprint
  2. Natural capital, including raw material supply and water stress
  3. Pollution, including toxic emissions and waste
  4. Human capital, including health and safety and labor management
  5. Product liability, including product safety and consumer financial protection
  6. Corporate governance, including ownership and board of directors

These metrics are then used to create a composite ESG risk assessment which is then comparable to the individual credit and portfolio level.

“We are delighted to be working in conjunction with CarVal to support the launch of this revolutionary product line,” said Steve cracknell, CEO of Insig AI. “This launch underscores the powerful role our innovative ESG scoring and querying tool can play in enabling asset managers to develop and execute a data-driven ESG investment strategy.

About CarVal Investors
CarVal Investors is an established global alternative investment manager focused on distressed, credit-intensive assets and market inefficiencies. Since 1987, the CarVal team has navigated through ever-changing credit market cycles, investing opportunistically. 128 billion dollars in 5,525 transactions in 82 countries. Today, CarVal Investors has approximately 10 billion dollars in assets under management in corporate securities, loan portfolios, structured loans and durable assets. For more information, visit www.carvalinvestors.com.

About Insig AI
Insig AI (www.insg.ai) is a data science and machine learning solutions company serving the asset management industry. The Company has developed five products; Insig Portfolio, Insig ESG, Insig Data, Insig Docs and Insig Exceleton, which enable investment professionals to get the most out of their data, by applying cutting-edge machine learning techniques, an elastic database and a cloud computing technology. The Company is headquartered at London, United Kingdom, and listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM.

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