Singapore, Singapore, Oct. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Due to all the negative effects of the global macro economy, the crypto market, in particular, and the financial market, in general, are on a downward trend. , also known as the bear market period. But with a dynamic, round-the-clock market like Crypto, new waves and super profitable investments always exist, and you will win if you choose a real “Diamond Gem”.

So where do you need to find your golden opportunity? This is the question that every investor asks. According to market data, movement and reaction on social platforms and investment communities, it can be seen that the projects built on the Ethereum network are still showing promise. Better quality than other networks. Quality projects on the Ethereum Network often raise significant capital, ranging from a few million to tens of millions of dollars. Today’s most important NFT projects are also built on this platform. So in a volatile market, I think well-invested Ethereum projects will have some security and deserve attention.

To name an outstanding project, the first one I would like to mention is ApeSport, a project with many revolutionary features that have never been released in the market, especially on the right trend during the biggest sporting event on the planet – The 2022 World Cup is about to begin.

ApeSport develops an extensive production system whose main focus is sport NFT-Collections and build a whole New channel that fully supports the NFT project to be developed.

Not only bringing an emotional visual feast, but the ApeSport collection NFTs also show their love of sports, bringing victory and positive energy to the players and teams they love. With this sign are the utilities that come with NFT. Throughout the World Cup season, NFT holders can participate in winning team predictions and receive rewards. They can also trade and donate their NFT directly or through intermediary platforms like Additionally, Apesport allows NFT holders to stake their assets with an attractive APY/APR, around 150%.

Apechain is also another quality product brought by the ApeSport project. They are ready to build a new chain with new technologies, helping to optimize the construction of NFT projects – supporting NFT minting, buying, selling and transferring quickly and easily. The birth of Apechain has also created a new playing field for the NFT market to become more dynamic and liquid.

As announced, ApeSport will be rolling out other Defi apps and bringing Sport to Metaverse shortly. The token presale and NFT minting will take place in October. Apesport also creates a lot of buzz when many celebrities accompany them, and there are many signals that we can believe in the future success of ApeSport. You can join this community of ApeSport to get more interesting information.

As I said at the beginning, the financial market is going through a period of great volatility. Opportunities and risks go hand in hand, proceed with caution, do your own research and assess your financial goals. Hope you win this game!

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