Lobo is, in many ways, DC Comics’ version of Marvel Comics’ Wolverine. He is a humanoid alien bounty hunter with increased strength and stamina and is characterized by his mangy appearance (pale skin, dark hair). When Lobo was first introduced, he was portrayed as an outright villain, the last of his breed not because of tragedy, but because he killed everyone for fun. The character didn’t catch on in his first appearances in the early 1980s, but was reintroduced in the early 1990s to parody Marvel’s cold-blooded antiheroes like Cable, the Punisher, and the aforementioned Wolverine. However, he’s actually become quite popular in this slightly less nasty form, and since he’s been on the side of the good and the righteous, albeit with his vicious violent streak still very much intact.

Who else but James Gunn could do justice to an intergalactic outlaw biker? Look, now that Gunn has moved from Marvel Studios to DC Studios, we’ll probably never get to see his take on Wolverine, so that would be the next best thing. Gunn can obviously handle the cosmic side of the character well, and Lobo’s irreverent personality is dying to touch Gunn. We’ll see Cosmo the Spacedog in the spotlight in “Guardians of Galaxy, Vol. 3” (after a few brief voiceless cameos in the first two “GotG” movies), which means Gunn will have some experience before bringing Lobo’s bulldog pet, Dawg, on the big screen too.